Van to campervan motorhome conversions Van to campervan BG2 Van to campervan converted Build A DIY Camper van or Motor home on a budget! How to self build a DIY campervan,surf bus or motorhome.

Welcome to! Hints, tips and advice on how to self-build a camper van/surf bus or day van from a panel van on a budget.

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Disclaimer. The information provided on this Web site is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is intended for guidance only. We accept no responsibility or liability for incorrect installations of any kind. If in doubt contact a qualified tradesman. Nor do we accept responsibility for information provided by third party Web sites linked from this site.

What’s Van 2 Campervan all about?

I have the camper van bug!

If you’ve never owned a camper you won’t understand the sentiment behind that statement. If you have, or still own a camper van, you’ll know exactly what I mean!

I’ve owned four camper vans now stretched over a period of twelve years. The last couple of times when I sold my ‘van, for whatever reason, I’ve said to myself, “That’s it no more”, but within a year I’d bought another one!

Obviously, to buy a professionally converted camper van can be very expensive, especially when times are hard. So this time I decided to convert my own and share the experience on the Web.

Everybody’s preferences and requirements will be different, and how far to go with the specification is an individual choice. This Web site is not about building an all singing, all dancing motor home with a state of the art kitchen, luxury bathroom etc. - it’s about the basics - a panel van converted into a camper van with enough equipment to spend some comfortable, happy holidays and days out. If you’re a beginner my advice would be not to set your sights to high at the outset - more equipment can always be added at a later date as you gain confidence and experience.

Okay, maybe you’re not an electrician, a plumber or a carpenter (if you’ve got friend who is that’s a bonus), but believe me, it is possible to build a functional campervan, surf bus or day van from a panel van at a relatively low cost and with minimal DIY skills - if you’re prepared to give up the time and show a little dedication that is. Hence was born.

I hope you enjoy the Web site and find it useful!

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convert van to campervan help and info

If you’ve hit a problem and need help you can view my blog. Share your camper van and motor home self-build problems, tips and advice here.

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